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LED 28W 34Ah with extra take-out

LED 28W 34Ah with extra take-out

28W LED light with 34 Li-Ion battery pack with extra power take out.

Step board for controll of heated under suit can be installed inside lid.

Spot beam in cool white

Color temperature: 7000K

Approximate light output: 4022 lm

Light head Ø 63mm.

Light head length 90mm.

Canister Ø 90mm.

Canister height 310mm.

Burntime +10h

Charging time approx. 7h

It weighs 3.7 kg on dry land and 1.5kg in fresh water.

Chargers weight is 0.4kg

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Complete with charger.

One E/O cord 38512 with independent switch.

One E/O blanking (part no: 38513)

Part No: 32835

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