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Back then in the early days when halogen was the cutting edge of technology, we delivered lights to both sports divers and commercial and military divers. This was long before the AGIR line of products were launched. The light was known simply as the “Tordan-light” after Tord who built it and became very well reputed. Since then production has evolved with the emergence of new technology, availability of adapted materials and customer feed-back together with an ever present will for improvement, LUGH 9 now being our current model. LUGH 9 has been very well received among all our customers and has proven to meet our demands. Batteries With todays Li-Ion batteries the early 4,5Ah Ni-MH canister can accomodate 10,4Ah Li-Ion batteries and the former 9Ah Ni-MH canister takes 18,2Ah Li-Ion batteries followed by the 13,5Ah Ni-MH who can store 20,8Ah Li-Ion batteries. Of what reason the battery canister are in the same size as they "always" been but to separate the diffrent battery types, the canister contain a small ring is make just under the latches to indicate that Li-Ion batteries are the power source. Colour indication for Li-Ion batteries charging pluggs. Li-Ion Yellow and Red