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The AGIR wing comes in six different sizes.
For single cylinder diving we have one model in two sizes,

Blackbird with 28 lbs and 36 lbs lift capacity respectively. Both Blackbirds are circular (360º style).

For double cylinder diving we have two models in two different sizes.
One model is horseshoe style, habrok 38 lbs and the other,
360º style, are niord 40 lbs and 60lbs.

And two diffrent side mount wings.

They are made out of rugged nylon-coated cordura which is a very strong material and easy to keep clean.

The design and cut reflect our diving philosophy in being simple, hardwearing and with the best of in-water performance.

Our wing-pattern is carefully adjusted to enhance built-in balance for effortless diving and trim.

Also every detail on all five models is scrutinized to give you high comfort.

AGIR wings are the first wings designed specifically for European (e.g. Faber and Eurocyl.) double cylinders.



To strengthen the outer shell, the pattern pieces are sewn together and then folded and sewn again to prevent tearing.


The over pressure relief valve position is chosen to release gas effectively and be easy to pull-dump.

We use a 3mm dinghy-line, 130mm/5 inches long with just two knots for good grip and no snag.


For drainage two eyelets are placed on each bottom/side of the wing.

They are 15mm/0,5 inch in diameter and made of coated brass.


The design makes perfect room for the backplate.

The backplate will rest on three layers of cordura with its contours outlined with a double seam on the wing.

This way the wing is protected from being squeezed and possibly damaged.

AGIR wings are furnished with optional holes for optimum trim.